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Pasta Roma

Pasta Roma is Colosseum's own fresh pasta brand. It is produced with 100% natural ingredients of import origin. The fresh pasta is produced in various formats and has many lines of production, listing more than 45 products, such as stuffed, regular and ready-to-eat. Daily production can reach over 300kg and filling flavors can also be customized upon request.

Pastificio G. Di Martino

Gragnano pasta has over 500 years of history behind it. Today's Pastificio G. Di Martino is built on the history of a family rooted in their territory and traditions and driven by genuine devotion and irrepressible passion. This translates into hard work, Craftsman like precision, insistence on quality, perseverance against the odds, brilliant intuition and technological innovation that always cares about people and the environment.

6 products found in Pasta

Don Valerio Spaghetti 500g
  • QAR 2.75
Pasta Roma Gnocchi Pasta 1000g
  • QAR 35.00
Pasta Roma Ravioli Four Cheese 1000g
  • QAR 85.00
Pasta Roma Ravioli Ricotta & Spinach 1000g
  • QAR 80.00
Pastificio G Di Martino Penne Mezzani Rigate 500g
  • QAR 6.00
Pastificio G Di Martino Spaghetti 500g
  • QAR 6.00