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Granarolo is the biggest Italian dairy Group. It controls all the phases of the chain production process: from the raw materials to the distribution of the finished products to the customers.
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14 products found in GRANAROLO CHEESE

Granarolo Gorgonzola Sweet 1/8 1500g
  • QAR 153.00
Granarolo Grana Padano 200g
  • QAR 25.75
Granarolo Mascarpone 250g
  • QAR 21.75

Out of stock

Granarolo Mascarpone 500g
  • QAR 41.75
Granarolo Mozzarella Bufala DOP Cup 125g
  • QAR 16.50
Granarolo Mozzarella Julienne (in strips) 2000g
  • QAR 155.00
Granarolo Parmigiano Reggiano 200g
  • QAR 35.00
Granarolo Parmigiano Reggiano Grated Pouch 90g
  • QAR 14.00
Granarolo Parmigiano Reggiano Wheel 18months
  • QAR 105.00
Granarolo Pecorino Romano DOP SV
  • QAR 115.00
Granarolo Provolone Round Sweet
  • QAR 80.00
Granarolo Ricotta 1500g
  • QAR 75.00
Granarolo Scamorza Smoked Vaccum 250g
  • QAR 27.00
Granarolo Unconventional Burger Soya (110g X 2pcs)
  • QAR 21.50