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Bringing you the best of the world, with love, from Qatar.

Doha and Rome

Welcome to your source of all the finest food from around the world.

Colosseum Doha WLL is a company which was born from a rare mix of typical Italian passion for the highest quality, and the well known Arabian love for tasty, healthy food.

We are a bunch of foodies at heart. We love our food and we will go to any distance to treat ourselves to the best the world has to offer. It was this passion that led us to invest our time into building what we hope will be the number one source of all the finest ingredients and products from around the world.

Colosseum Doha was founded in 1999 to make the best quality Italian desserts. What is unlike most others is the artisan like nature of our business. We have been perfecting the art of creating high-quality food for decades that is loved by the people of Qatar. Our artisanal nature also enables us to customize high-quality products according to the unique requirements of customers in the HORECA food service sectors.

Today the expanded range includes other products made in the traditional Italian method. Our most popular products are a line of GELATO (traditional Italian ice cream), SORBETTO (frozen sherbet dairy dessert), TIRAMISU (Italian dessert made of sponge cake, chocolate & cheese) and FRESH PASTA (which also includes a Ready To Eat range).

Our philosophy is that no matter what the product, the quality, and taste should never be compromised. This mission is achieved by following the Italian tradition of choosing only the best quality ingredients while focusing on strict hygiene standards and production processes. Our quest for the highest quality has been attested by the HACCP certification, apart from frequent audits by the local Municipality and multinational customers including Qatar Airways, Carrefour Retail, and the US Army.

We also import and distribute a selection of fine, high-quality products from around the world. We offer the same to you through our retail distribution that reaches all the leading supermarkets in Qatar and through our home delivery service which you can avail by calling us or ordering through this site.

Colosseum products are made in the traditional Italian way using the best quality

Our Mission

Colosseum products are made in the traditional Italian way using the best quality ingredients. Colosseum is an artisan factory, flexible to customize any possible flavor upon the requirements of the customers. In fact, the mission of the Company is to be the artisan for the masses; in other words, combining the Italian knowledge of quality ingredients and their proper use to produce excellent products for mass consumption.

Through The Years

Journey so far

1999: Colosseum Doha W.L.L was established with the aim to manufacture Italian desserts and gelato.

2003: When the country started the impressive infrastructure development, which is still under progress, Colosseum open the factory to produce gelato, sherbets and ice cream cakes.

2005: Colosseum became the local supplier of the US Army, boosting rapidly the sales and reaching the goal of 4,500 Liters of ice cream produced daily.

2008: The Company achieved the HACCP certification, completing a progressive hygiene and quality control process started back in 2005 when the Americans selected the product.

2010: Colosseum starts a new production line of Fresh Pasta, which similar to ice cream is totally oriented to quality.

2012: The expansion of the Company is oriented to import quality foodstuff from Italy to side its own brands. Granarolo is the first manufacturer to be selected and a new activity of import distribution begins.