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The most important quality contributors to our pizza is the crunchy crust and high-level ingredients directly import from Italy.

Our Al Forno Frozen Pizza are hand-rolled and baked with refractory stone ovens that allow to be crispy outside and tender inside. Toppings are carefully selected to ensure the “restaurant alike” taste: flour, extra virgin olive oil, peeled tomatoes, mozzarella, pepperoni, are import from Italy, while vegetables are locally sourced from our reliable suppliers.

Even though only recently introduced to Qatar, Al Forno has already acquired an important market share.
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7 products found in AL FORNO FROZEN PIZZA

Al Forno Pizza Crust 205g x 4
  • QAR 10.00
Al Forno Pizza Deliziosa (Turkey & Mushroom)
  • QAR 14.50
Al Forno Pizza Diavola (Pepperoni)
  • QAR 14.50
Al Forno Pizza Four cheese
  • QAR 14.50
Al Forno Pizza Hawaiian (Pineapple)
  • QAR 14.50
Al Forno Pizza Margherita
  • QAR 14.50
Al Forno Pizza Ortolana (Vegetarian)
  • QAR 14.50