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The taste, aroma and flavor of D’Amico pickles capture the true essence of Italian tradition.

The deliciously spicy and tangy range of pickles is prepared from the best ingredients including flavorsome oils, freshly picked succulent vegetables and fruits, and the signature spice blend.
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12 products found in D'AMICO PICKLES

D'Amico Artichokes Hearts in brine 2500g
  • QAR 65.00
D'amico Artichokes Hearts Loose in Sunflower Oil 2900g
  • QAR 150.00
D'Amico Black Olives Pitted 4100g
  • QAR 54.00
D'Amico Button Onions "Vinegar- Pickled" 3000g
  • QAR 60.00
D'Amico Capers No.9 in Vinegar Pickle 3kg
  • QAR 100.00
D'amico Genoise Pesto 130g
  • QAR 10.00
D'Amico Gherkins Vinegar Pickled 3000g
  • QAR 65.00
D'Amico Green Olives Pitted 4100g
  • QAR 57.75
D'Amico Green Olives Rings 4100g
  • QAR 50.00
D'Amico Pesto Genoise 800g
  • QAR 27.00
D'Amico Sun Dried Tomatoes "Calabrian Style" 280g
  • QAR 15.00
D'Amico Sun Dried Tomatoes "Calabrian Style" 2900g
  • QAR 95.00