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The discovery of the biggest truffle marked the beginning of the business success of the company Zigante, today the leading name in the world of Croatian truffles.

The production in the Zigante plant is fully automated and the overall technological equipment and the employees’ expertise are the guarantee for the production of unique products on the basis of truffles which the buyers can enjoy the whole year long.

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4 products found in ZIGANTE TRUFFLE PASTE

Zigante Olive Oil with White Truffle Flavour 250ml
  • QAR 75.00

Out of stock

Zigante Tartufata Black Noir 500g 4%
  • QAR 85.00

Out of stock

Zigante Black Truffles Chopped 90g
  • QAR 200.00
Zigante Olive Oil with Black Truffle Flavour 250ml
  • QAR 70.00