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At Colosseum, we source only the top quality spices and nuts. We source our spices primarily from the Indian subcontinent. Whereas our nuts are sourced from South East Asia as well as from Africa and North America. We have tied up with spice merchants who have more than five decades of experience in sourcing the finest quality products directly from farmers. Our catalogue only provides an indication of our spices and nuts range, apart from these items we can also source specific products based on requirement. Our spices are available at the top restaurants and food service units. These are used by the top chefs in sautรฉing, frying or used as a topping. We ensure that our spices are fresh and free from any artificial mixtures.


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Sunrise Cardamom Powder
  • QAR 210.00
Sunrise Cashew Nut Raw Whole
  • QAR 56.00
Sunrise Chilli Flakes
  • QAR 21.00
Sunrise Coriander Powder
  • QAR 12.00
Sunrise Cumin Powder
  • QAR 23.00
Sunrise Cumin Seed Whole
  • QAR 20.50
Sunrise Lentil Red
  • QAR 8.00
Sunrise Nuts Walnut
  • QAR 71.00
Sunrise Paprika Powder
  • QAR 33.00
Sunrise Pepper Black Whole
  • QAR 23.00
Sunrise Raisins Golden
  • QAR 17.00
Sunrise Saffron (3Gm/Pkt)
  • QAR 25.00
Sunrise Sesame Seed White
  • QAR 16.00