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The first Italian manufacturer that Colosseum distribute is Granarolo. The set target is to become market leader in the soft cheese sector within one year. Granarolo is currently one of the most important operators in the Italian food industry, and can boast of an undisputed leadership in the domestic fresh milk market and likewise within the organic dairy and cheese product marketplace.


14 products found in Granarolo Cheese

Granarolo Gorgonzola Sweet 1/8 1500g
  • QAR 153.00
Granarolo Grana Padano 200g
  • QAR 25.75
Granarolo Mascarpone 250g
  • QAR 21.75

Out of stock

Granarolo Mascarpone 500g
  • QAR 41.75
Granarolo Mozzarella Bufala DOP Cup 125g
  • QAR 16.50
Granarolo Mozzarella Julienne (in strips) 2000g
  • QAR 155.00
Granarolo Parmigiano Reggiano 200g
  • QAR 35.00
Granarolo Parmigiano Reggiano Grated Pouch 90g
  • QAR 14.00
Granarolo Parmigiano Reggiano Wheel 18months
  • QAR 110.00
Granarolo Pecorino Romano DOP SV
  • QAR 115.00
Granarolo Provolone Round Sweet
  • QAR 80.00
Granarolo Ricotta 1500g
  • QAR 75.00
Granarolo Scamorza Smoked Vaccum 250g
  • QAR 27.00
Granarolo Taleggio
  • QAR 105.00