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Molino Grassi is an atypical. For over 30 years research and uses only the best ingredients Italian and foreign companies to offer products really superior, both in terms of quality and nutritional value.

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7 products found in Molino Grassi Flour

Molino Grassi - H12 Pizza Flour - Soft Wheat Flour 25kg
  • QAR 148.00
Molino Grassi - H24 Pizza Flour - Soft Wheat Flour 25kg
  • QAR 175.00
Molino Grassi - H6 Pizza flour - Soft Wheat Flour 25kg
  • QAR 140.00
Molino Grassi - Semola Rimacinata - Durum Wheat Remilled Semolina Flour 25kg
  • QAR 160.00
Molino Grassi Cakes & Biscuits Flour 1kg
  • QAR 7.25
Molino Grassi Organic Flour 1kg
  • QAR 11.25
Molino Grassi Pizza & Focaccia Fast Base Flour 1kg
  • QAR 7.25